All Yearly renewal certificate expires on the 31st december of every year. Renewal fees should be paid before March 31st of the current year.

Late payment of renenwal fee attracts the following penalty in percentage, relative to the actual fee.

  • 2ND QUARTER = RENEWAL + 50% PENALTY (After 31st March)
  • 3RD QUARTER = RENEWAL + 75% PENALTY (After 30th June)
  • 4TH QUARTER = RENEWAL+ 100% PENALTY (After 30th September)

For more information on yearly renewal fee, click here

Unregistered Health Facility NGN 250,000
Registered But Not Well Equipped NGN 20,000
Registered but unqualified staff on duty NGN 50,000
Dirty/ Dilapidated facility NGN 10,000
Late submission of Data NGN 10,000
Using Expired Vaccines/ Drugs NGN 50,000
Improper waster Disposal NGN 10,000
               Operating Beyond Scope NGN 10,000
                Training of Auxiliary Nurses NGN 100,000
                Using Expired Vaccines/ Drugs NGN 50, 000
                Unqualified Staff on Duty NGN 50,000
Non-Display of Registration Certificates NGN 10,000
Relocation without Notification of PHERMC NGN 250,000
Upgrading Without Notification of PHERMC NGN 20,000
Re-opening Fees (For Sealed Facilities)
                Urban NGN 250,000
                Semi-Urban NGN 100,000
                Urban NGN 50,000

▶ All payments are to be made to HHSS Bank Account. PHERMC does not accept cash. Any payment made to individual account or given as cash is at your own risk.
▶ When making payments at the bank, use the facility name as Payer name. If using mobile banking or internet banking, enter the facility name in the description.