Looking to Register a New Private Health Establishment in FCT?

Private Health Establishments Registration & Monitoring Committee (PHERMC) is the Office you are looking for!

What you Need to Know before you Submit an Application


The Intended Health Facility Name Should be Registered with CAC as a Limited Liability Company (Business Name is not Accepted). The Registered Company Should Reflect in it's Name, the Type of  Medical Service(s) to be Rendered e.g XYZ Clinic Ltd, XYZ Medical Laboratory Ltd.


If the Intended Location is to be Rented, ensure it is at least 400m away from a centre undergoing registration or a registered facility and invite PHERMC to inspect and Approve the Location before Paying the Rental Fee.


Write an Application Letter addressed to "The Honorable Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretariat, FCTA" indicating your intention to Establish a Private Health Facility in FCT.

Operating an Unregistered Health Establishment in FCT Warrants Immediate Arrest, Closure and Attracts Penalty. Click here to Find out more...

Having Taken Note of 1 - 3...


In your Application, State the Type of Medical Service(s) you Intend to Render in FCT. Give a Full Address to the Location with a Landmark and Lastly, Include at least two Phone Numbers in your Letter.


Make two Copies of your Application Letter and a Copy of the CAC Certificate & Submit a Copy of the Letter and the CAC Certificate to The Office of Honorable Secretary, HHSS, FCTA Secretariat, Area 11, Garki. The Second copy of the application Letter Should be used as Acknowledgment Copy when Submitting.


It takes an average of 5 working days for your submitted application to reach PHERMC Office. When your application arrives, an officer will contact you on the number specified in your application and schedule a date for a Preliminary inspection at the address indicated on your application. 

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